Future visions of theatre architecture

The growing need to communicate abstract concepts and complex visions of the future makes the use of virtual and augmented reality as part of communication strategies interesting. As a medium, technology can facilitate access to content and stimulate public discourse. It can be used as a tool to promote the development of new ideas and concepts.

On the occasion of the European cultural heritage year “Sharing Heritage”, we are devoting ourselves to the question of what potentials VR and AR can generate in the theatre context and how this technology can make visions of the future tangible in the course of renovation and reconstruction, and accompany planning and design processes. This was investigated using the example of the Komische Oper, which, like many theatres, will undergo a comprehensive renovation process over the next few years. Three mediation concepts and their prototypical applications were developed, which are presented in the lecture and provide an outlook on future developments.

The project ideas were developed within the framework of the international workshop “Im/material Theatre Spaces” led by Prof. Dr. Bri Newesely, Hubert Eckart, Franziska Ritter and Pablo Dornhege, under the patronage of the DTHG (Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft e.V.) within the framework of the project “Theatre Landscape”, sponsored by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media – in the European Cultural Heritage Year “Sharing Heritage”.

All projects can be tested live in the Immersive Showroom, Hall 20.

Presented projects:
“Future of … La Boheme” Takayoshi Goto, Maria Kobylenko, Maria Emilie Bürger
“Comic Forum” Alexander Walmsley, Johanna Rummel, Lotus Lien, Janik Albrecht
“preSTAGE” Oliver Burkhardt, Jan Müller, Claus-Peter Gabriel, Magdalena Dimanski

Speakers: Franziska Ritter, Pablo Dornhege