Impulses about Experience Technology in Museums – AR EXPERIENCE

AR Is the Answer, but What Is the Question?
What cultural institutions can teach us about digitalization.
Raphaël de Courville, Co-founder, NEEEU Spaces GmbH

How Can AR Enhance Storytelling in Museums Today?
What new ways of interactions we discovered while creating an
exhibition with Microsoft Hololens for teenagers.
Kai Wegner, Senior Consultant, Exozet Berlin GmbH

Is Your Smart Device the Key to Location Based Information?
We don’t know! But AR will be the door opener to wherever you want to go!
Sebastian Winkler, CEO, shoutr labs

All by Myself or Can We Move from Single to Group Experiences for the Masses?
About the advantages of interaction with large groups in VR and AR.
Axel Steinkuhle, CEO, Evrbit