Journey into Parallel Worlds – Virtual Reality in Art Museum and Theatre

After the initial hype about virtual reality has calmed down, the partly unrealistic expectations have given way to a certain sobriety – which can be assessed positively – that allows an objective view of the future of technology and reveals the forms in which virtual reality will be integrated into our media landscape in the future.

Unlike the smartphone or perhaps augmented reality in the future, virtual reality will not necessarily become an integral technology of our everyday lives, but much more relevant when we want to step out of the usual and everyday into another world. Art, cinema and theatre in their current manifestations offer the possibility of leaving the familiar, and museums and exhibitions are – for the majority of their visitors – not part of everyday life but form artificial spaces of experience, parallel worlds that can be experienced spatially. Through the use of virtual reality, the immersion in these parallel worlds can be increased to an almost complete simulation.

While technology is in its infancy, more and more artists and designers* are making their content and works tangible in Virtual Reality. The technology is not only used as a media design tool, but also becomes an independent artistic medium in its own right. More and more museums are also exploring the possible uses of VR in exhibitions or as supplementary offerings. Each project is still prototypical and each actor is still a pioneer.

Speaker: Pablo Dornhege