Show “Heritage Theatre Technology in Contemporary Scenography”

From classic Baroque technology and scene changes to contemporary use of this versatile machinery. First historic use is explained and how this heritage technology can serve contemporary scenography. An imaginative scenographer can surprise you with the most unexpected use of the miscellaneous opportunities of this neglected technology in contemporary stage design for present-day productions.

Contemporary theatre machinery accommodation consists of bars going up and down, be it with counterweight system or be it by computer commanded motors. The “Baroque” theatre machinery in the understage adds horizontal moves with a wing chariot system and brings scenic elements up from the understage with a cassette system. With restoration/modernisation of historic theatres, this understage with machinery is sacrificed to use mostly as extra storage space.

With real scale material, we demonstrate alternatives for heritage theatre technology, building an “understage” of 28mm on top of each available performance floor to be able to do the same movements as produced by a heritage wing chariot system. Also different flying movements based on heritage technology will be demonstrated. And what to think about a revolve platform moving on and off stage? All those alternatives are very budget-friendly and of course very sustainable, working on human power and counterweighted where needed: an alternative elevator system can prove that.


Speaker: Jerome Maeckelbergh,