Termine und Veranstaltungen

International Cooperation of Professional Associations and OISTAT Centers @ RoundTable 22
Jun 18 um 10:30 – 11:15

What possibilities are there for professional associations to work together internationally? Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany have created an example by working on a further training model (ETTE). What other possibilities are there? A discussion round…

Exchange of information between international professional associations and OISTAT centres.

Joint projects, goals, ideas:

– creation of an international knowledge platform on qualifications, seminars, workshops
– international recognition of degrees, examinations and certificates
– new projects of the world organisation OISTAT to promote young talent

Participants: Bert Determann, President of OISTAT;

Moderation: Hubert Eckart, DTHG

English language

Crew United – Also a network for the event industry?  @ RoundTable 22
Jun 18 um 13:00 – 13:45

We would like to introduce Crew United as a network of the film and television industry and find out in dialogue what people who work in the event and theatre industry need for their own presentation and professional networking.

Vincent Lutz, Crew United GbR, Geschäftsführer
Christian Dosch, Crew United GbR, Projektentwicklung und Kooperationen

DIN NVBF – News from national and European standardization @ RoundTable 22
Jun 18 um 14:00 – 14:45

Representatives and experts from DIN NVBF, the standards committee for event technology, image and film, and delegates in CEN/TC 433 Entertainment Technology will provide information on the status of current standardization projects and look forward to discussing questions and requirements from the industry.

Speaker: Andreas Bickel (DTHG-Beauftragter),

Crew United – new digital tools for the event industry? @ RoundTable 22
Jun 18 um 15:00 – 15:45

We would like to introduce Crew United as a network of the film and television industry and find out in dialogue what people and companies working in the event and theatre industry will need in the future for digital tools, e.g. in recruiting, team communication or event planning and calculation.

Vincent Lutz, Crew United GbR, Geschäftsführer
Christian Dosch, Crew United GbR, Projektentwicklung und Kooperationen

With DIN SPEC to the standardized Iron Curtain @ RoundTable 22
Jun 18 um 16:00 – 17:30

Hardly any other technical facility in the theatre world has been more discussed and questioned than the Iron Curtain.
In April 2016, the NVBF 5 Standards Committee therefore finally decided to draw up a set of rules for safety equipment in places of assembly. The DIN SPEC (technical specification) serves as a quick means for the establishment of a technical standard on the market or as a possible preparation for a European standardization project.
The working group, consisting of users, manufacturers, planners and accident insurance companies, makes the draft available for inspection and hopes to receive the necessary comments from the industry.

Speaker: Felix Malkowski (DEKRA),

IGVW quality standard SQP7 deco construction @ RoundTable 22
Jun 19 um 11:00 – 12:30

The European Union has issued guidelines with safety requirements for the free movement of goods for the manufacture and placing on the market of products, which are reflected in the regulations and rules on occupational health and safety. Building law is also characterised by clear regulations and technical standards. These regulations and standards are not always transferable to decorative construction.

The industry standard considers all life phases of decorations as well as the special use and the resulting requirements, e.g. short and limited use, tests during each installation, monitoring during use / operation, etc.

Speaker: Prof Stephan Rolfes, Sacha Ritter (IGVW),

IGVW Quality standard SQO6 Event manager @ RoundTable 22
Jun 19 um 14:00 – 14:45

The planned IGVW document: „Selection, tasks and assignment of an event manager according to the specifications of the MVStättVO §38“ specifies and describes the function, tasks, requirements and assignment of the event manager in the sense of the Muster Versammlungstättenverordnung. It also describes the interfaces to other areas of responsibility when business events are held in meeting places. The current work status can be presented to the interested public for the first time and offers the opportunity for exchange and coordination.

Speaker: Dietmar Bläs (IGVW), Olaf Grambow (DTHG), Christian Buschhoff (DTHG), Sacha Ritter (IGVW),

RoundTable: international standards in the field of theatre and event technology @ RoundTable 22
Jun 19 um 16:00 – 18:00

– the social dialogue in Europe as a means of shaping the future
– How are standards developed outside the EU, example Russia
– Standards, laws, norms – where do the differences lie?
– Discussion of methods for solving similar problems in an international context

(english/german/russian Translation)

Speaker: Genadij Galitzki (APTK), Sacha Ritter (IGVW), Hubert Eckart (OISTAT), Chris van Goethem (STEPP),

The Fair is dead, long live the Fair! @ RoundTable 22
Jun 20 um 10:30 – 11:15

New definition of trade fair experience. Presentation of a concept exhibition stand live on the Stage.

Speaker: Georg Winkel (SWOOFLE),

Leadership in the 21st century: Self-organization as an opportunity for teams in art and technology? @ RoundTable 22
Jun 20 um 11:30 – 12:15

In an increasingly networked, flexible, fast-moving world, the traditional hierarchically rigid structures with their inertia no longer function in theatre companies. In addition to the theatre-typical difficult working hours and poor pay, there are unnecessary organisational problems, friction losses and decision-making backlogs. In this way, even willing employees* are demotivated and leave the theatre or do not even accept the position.
In order to master these new challenges, different leadership concepts and a new corporate culture are needed, away from the omniscient lonely leader towards networked teams whose members assume the extensive leadership responsibility according to their competence.
The core of this new organisational development is self-organisation – at management and team level.
The purpose of this RoundTable is to get to know the basics of agile work, to clear up myths about self-organisation and to stimulate discussion about new, more flexible structures in cooperation.

Speaker: Christina Barandun,

Product launch EloTwin @ RoundTable 22
Jun 20 um 13:00 – 13:45

The hybrid floor that changes from a stage floor to a ballet floor at the push of a button.
– finally rehearse the opera exactly as it will be performed
– additional use of rehearsal stages for ballet without modification
Discuss with us the potential of this innovation for studio stages and above all for trial operation.

Speaker: Kai-Uwe Patz (Bühnenbau Wertheim),

Shure Axient Digital – Increased Reliability through Digital Wireless Systems @ RoundTable 22
Jun 20 um 14:00 – 14:45

In the professional audio industry, including live performances, corporate events, theatres or broadcast, a non-interrupted and reliable operation is mandatory. To guarantee the correct choice of a wireless system, the differences between analogue and digital transmission will be explained. We pay particular attention to the increased reliability through digital wireless systems. This is underlined through the presentation of specific features of the Axient Digital AD and ADX series, as well as the ULX-D wireless system.

Speaker: Ursula Helmstädt (Shure Distribution GmbH),

Speech Intelligibility: A theoretical seminar about speech intelligibility and its importance for all performances. @ RoundTable 22
Jun 20 um 15:00 – 15:45

A theoretical seminar about speech intelligibility and its importance for all performances.
– Importance of consonants
– Dynamic range of voice
– Microphone technology
– Placement of microphone

The seminar will be held in English by Global Education and Application Manager, Bo Brinck (DPA Microphones )